Day of Giving 2023 Exceeds all Expectations!

Day of Giving had one of its most successful turnarounds to date.


Bryce Shafer

Day of Giving donations exceed previous years efforts.

The annual tradition that started in 2016 with less than 100 donors has met and exceeded its goal of $300,000 by an extra $54,000 given by 678 donors ranging from alumni to former staff such as Margaret Pomfret.

Much of the success of this year’s Day of Giving is owed to the Jesse Eyman Trust, a private foundation that funds numerous organizations and programs.

The Jesse Eyman Trust pledged $125,000 directly to the Annual Student Scholarship fund if other donors raised $175,000 within the 36-hour window Day of Giving operates in. This goal was met early into the 36-hour run and was even surpassed later in the event, raising a total of $229,198 from independent donors.

This is nearly is over a $100,000 increase from Day of Giving 2022 with only %75 of the donor base

Director of Annual Giving Mark Libs is also to thank for the success of the program.

Libs has worked for several universities in this capacity, giving them all their own unique spin on similar events – many of which have been much larger than Ashland University. He says Ashland has been his favorite.

“There is something amazing about seeing people so dedicated to such a small university,” Libs said. “You have people like the Archer’s, who aren’t alumni, but they still give so much to the university. It says a lot about the community in Ashland.”

Day of Giving is a chance for alumni, friends of the university, members of the community, and more to give directly to organizations on campus such as Eagles for Pride, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and numerous sports teams. Many organizations rely on the donations given to them on Day of Giving to continue everyday operations on Ashland University’s campus.