Eagle sophomore guard Morgan Yoder looks to return to play

Yoder has been a pivotal piece for the Eagles in the 2022-2023 season


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Morgan Yoder brings the ball up against the Findlay Oilers in the season-opener.

Olivia Pliske, Reporter

Sophomore guard Morgan Yoder is set to make her first appearance in the NCAA tournament this Wednesday, March 22nd, in the Final Four game against Glenville State in St. Joseph Missouri. 

Yoder has been inactive since the Great Midwest Athletic Conference title game where she helped lead the team to a victory with a season-high of 18 points, where she was 6-for-11 from the 3-point line. 

“It’s super exciting that our team gets to be here, it’s something that I’ve dreamed of as a little girl of playing college basketball and to be able to make it this far has been great,” said Yoder. 

Yoder, being one of the 5 starters on the Eagle squad this season, has become a key part of the Eagles with 54 three-pointers on the season.

While Yoder has been inactive, transfer Savaya Brockington stepped up and started for the Eagles, which has helped to put them in the Final Four. 

While being inactive, Yoder explained how watching the team from the bench has helped her prepare herself for the upcoming game.

“It’s been a different perspective for me but I have enjoyed every moment,” said Yoder. “Playing the role that I have on the team, whatever it may be, whether I am playing or not, getting to see the joy on my teammates’ faces has been awesome.”

While the process for the sophomore guard has not been extremely long, Yoder stated how her team, coaches, and athletic staff have been supportive and encouraging the entire way. 

“The team has been super supportive with everything that I have had to do. Our trainer has been doing so much for me, everyone has just been super supportive throughout this whole process.” 

The Eagles are set to take on the Glenville State Pioneers Wednesday, March 22nd, with tip-off set for 8:30 central time in St.Joseph, Missouri.