Student Senate Discusses New Meal Options

Student Senate discussed the new meal plans for next semester and the current issues with the plans.

Zachary Scher, executive officer of finance and facilities, raised issues regarding possible following semester meal plans.

The meal plan will eliminate the unlimited option but offer a much broader range of meal plans. There are a specific number of “blocks” and “eagle points.” Blocks mean a certain amount of meal swipes; eagle points are equivalent to dining dollars.

It would assist athletes, students with kitchens, and students with busy schedules.

Freshman students will be required to take 180 or 240 blocks. Commuter meal plans will be altered, and commuters will have far more options than they do now. Senior apartments will be able to choose. However, they would be required to choose a meal plan. Commuters will still be able to opt out of the meal plan.

A few more changes will be made: convo will allow meals to be taken out of convo. Three meals will be allowed per week out of convo, with only one per meal period.

Eagles Nest, not the convenience store, would close at 9:30 p.m. for meals only. Convo would open for late nights sooner. This modification is intended to allow athletes to eat.

Swipes will not be accepted as equivalency any longer.

There were concerns over the changes due to a dislike of convo options, which changes will be discussed, and there is the option to choose more eagle points. There were also concerns over dietary restrictions and the Nest being easier to navigate.

There are concerns over the percentage values the new meal plans offer.

At their meeting, the Student Senate had a special guest, AU President Dr.Carlos Campo. Campo opened the floor to questions, and the discussion primarily focused on the new café.

The construction for the library café will begin soon, starting with the “patio” in front of the library. Campo is open to feedback on what types of foods and coffee students are interested in and has requested the student senate’s opinion.

Some items that may be offered by the café are flatbreads, avocado toast, baked goods, and a fair amount of grab-and-go items.

Coffee is an item that has seen a need for improvement on campus. Around campus, students are not getting coffee in the morning from the current dining options. They hope that the café may offer better quality and availability for students. However, coffee will stay in Nest.

There was a question regarding meal options. Vendors will respond to allergies and dietary restrictions.

“We don’t offer enough options,” Campo said, hoping this will be improved by implementing the library café.

The board has yet to decide whether or not alcohol will be permitted in the café.

If there is alcohol, it is unknown whether or not there will be a full bar or a bar that merely offers beer and wine with some variations.

There was also a suggested mixology course, which will be considered.

Alcohol will be monitored carefully, and extra precautions will help protect students. The café will not affect the current alcohol policy.

If there is an increase in alcohol-related incidents as a result of implementing alcohol in the café, it will be removed.

Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Hawkins-Conard Student Center, and are open to th