Findlay vs. AU: Comparing student government structures


Abigail Hassenzahl

Student Senate discusses new resolution

Less than 90 minutes away from AU is the University of Findlay and the student government at is known as the Student Government Association (SGA).

Findlay is similar size wise and in academic and athletic offerings to Ashland University, making it good for comparison purposes.

According to its website, the Findlay Student Government Association is composed of six executive board members, three senators from each undergraduate class, and one graduate senator, for a total of 19 positions. All positions are currently filled.

The AU Student Senate, according to its website, has a total of 40 positions consisting of 11 executive board members, two class officers, officer of Greek life, officer of athletic affairs, officer of religious life, one senator per college, one senator per each of the residential units, a commuter representative and an international representative. Only 27 of those are filled as of the spring semester.

According to the Findlay SGA constitution, 50% of the total fees from the Student Activity Fee accumulated is allocated to the SGA, which is solely responsible for how this money is allocated to the clubs and organizations on campus.

Findlay’s 036;300,000 budget

That totals a 036;300,000 budget for Findlay’s clubs and organizations for the school year. Undergraduate full-time students pay 036;150 in fees per semester with part-time and graduate contributing lesser amounts.

The Ashland University Student Senate has an annual budget of 036;150,000 for clubs and organizations. AU student activity fees are 036;260 for undergraduates, according to the Student Organizational Manual.

A Student Senate subcommittee – the Activities, Budget, and Charters Committee (ABCC) – allocates roughly half of the 036;150,000 budget. Alena Aguayo, executive officer of activities, budgets, and charters, chairs the subcommittee which has four other senators and at least two faculty members representing two of the four colleges.

The Findlay Student Government has well-defined procedures for funding the clubs and organizations on campus, according to Chloe Moltzen, SGA treasurer.

The SGA believes that they have a significant influence at their university due to the amount of clubs they help support on campus.

“Of course we do have clubs that are kind of independent and do things differently, but we have a lot of clubs that we fund, events that they fund for the campus and I think that’s a big thing for people,” said Moltzen.
“Get it done’ group
Ashlyn Coleman, president of the SGA, added that the students that have been part of the SGA for the past several years have been a “get it done” group.

“Students definitely pick up on that and … if a student comes to us with an actual like, suggestion, concern, you know, something like that. Then I feel like as a group, we know the right people to kind of make it happen.”

Coleman referenced the SGA’s Instagram page to posting all the positive things the Senate does on the page, and updating about weekly club events.

The Findlay SGA Instagram page has a total of 1,168 followers and 168 following compared with the AU Student Senate of 366 followers and 389 following. However, in January 2022, AU Student Senate Instagram was hacked and they had to create a new account.

SGA Officer of DEI Holly McCoy, also mentioned the leadership component, and how it has allowed for more influence.

“With the great leadership that we’ve had the past few years has also allowed us to have more influence with our faculty and so it’s allowed us to have a greater voice among them, but then it also allows them to realize that we can help them as well,” said McCoy.