Vandalism in dorm halls continues throughout the semester

First-year resident halls experience high amounts of vandalism since beginning of spring semester

Vandalism has occurred throughout the first-year dorm halls of Kem and Amstutz

Dorm halls have faced multiple counts of vandalism since the beginning of the spring semester, especially in the first-year dorms, Kem Hall and Amstutz Hall.

The damages typically consist of holes punched into walls, ceiling tiles ripped down, furniture being moved, and elevator panels being removed.

Each instance of vandalism results in financial repairs, usually with a minimum charge of $150, per the Student Handbook.

“In the past two years we have had 1-2 floors that have more damage than other floors. We rely heavily on the floor communities to set expectations that destructive behavior is not what they want to see in their communities,” said Abby Righter, director of Residence Life.

To process any acts of vandalism it must first be reported to Residence Life coordinators and the director of Residence Life, who would then send an email to students involved informing them of the total individual charge added to their student accounts.

Righter said, “Our RAs are fantastic, and put in extra work to monitor these floors, but we also encourage residents in these communities to step up and call out inappropriate behavior. Our staff cannot be everywhere all the time.”

Resident Assistants (RAs) that have experienced high amounts of vandalism on their floors have declined to comment.

“We are still in the process of charging out some of the most recent vandalism, but it is easily a couple thousand dollars so far,” Righter said.

The last two years have been the worst in the recent history of vandalism, according to Righter.

Sarah Grissom, Residence Life Coordinator for Kem, Amstutz, Andrews, and Fraternity Circle, recently started at Ashland at the beginning of the fall semester.

“This is my first year working here at Ashland University, so I don’t have a full perspective on what vandalism has looked like over the past couple of years,” Grissom said. “Vandalism seems to be a trend for AU but one that we are actively working to decrease.”

As of recently, no new reports of vandalism have been reported or documented with anyone in the Residence Life Office.

“Our Office understands that when vandalism occurs, it is rarely ever an entire floor or an entire building causing the destructive behavior. The unfortunate part of this is that cost is a cost that needs to be covered,” Grissom explained. “Without knowledge of who or what has caused the damage, the charges have to be displaced throughout the area in which it occurred. If students have any information on the recent vandalism, please bring it to our office so that we can identify those responsible for the damages.”

To report any damages or vandalism within the residence halls, please contact Safety Services or the RA on Duty between the hours of 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.