Student Senate discusses changes in library hours

Lennon greeting everyone at student senate

The Ashland University Student Senate met to discuss budget cuts, library hours, the Celebration of Excellence Ball, and the possibility of holding future commencement ceremonies at Niss.

Public Relations sent out an email regarding budget cuts. They answered the questions the student senate had addressed in this email. Any further budget questions the Senate has will be taken to board meetings.

The Archer Library hours have been shortened. The library will close at 10 p.m. instead of midnight. Historically, the student senate was responsible for extending hours until midnight. They hope to figure out why the hours were shortened.

Junior Zoe Bogarty brought up the Celebration of Excellence Ball. A celebration she described as a “time for groups to come together and celebrate just being who we are and just celebrating that we are alive and are doing well.”

The ball is on Feb. 24 from 7-9 p.m. in Redwood. The theme is “One Love,” and all proceeds go towards “Love on a Mission.” She offered to the Senate to buy a table. It is 10 people per table, and the deadline is Feb. 22.

Robert Pool, the advisor for the student senate, raised concerns about the spring commencement ceremony. Commencement in the spring is traditionally held outside. However, with the new Niss Athletic Center, the commencement ceremony might occur indoors.

Pool then opened it up for discussion among Senate members. Some students were against this, as there were seating issues last year, and an indoor aesthetic could have been more pleasing to some students. However, others supported this change as the weather would not affect the commencement.

Other items mentioned during the meeting were Wi-Fi, parking lots, recruitment, and weekending in Ashland.

Tiffany Sims, the student senate president, encouraged feedback and questions regarding wifi issues to be brought up in the next meeting.

Some students said parking lots and other areas on campus were slick following the snow. The Senate now plans to reach out and assess if there is a possibility to make sure these areas are given attention when salting sidewalks and common pathways.

Fraternity and Sorority recruitment is now full swing, and many have recruitment events.

The Campus Activities Board is having its Weekending in Ashland event this weekend. Vouchers can be picked up in the student life office on the student center’s second floor.

The Student Senate also had a special guest, Lennon, who made sure to greet everyone in attendance.

The Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on the second floor of the student center, and everyone is welcome to attend.