Why do we scream? An Ashland University tradition

Ella Cummins

Ella Cummins, Visuals Editor


“Why do we scream?” A question posed to Ashland University’s philosophy club every Thursday at 3pm. The members reply, “For absolutely no reason” before screaming.

To newcomers and visitors on campus, the sound may alarm at first, but people seasoned to campus life know that the scream is a weekly occurrence. 

“We started the scream prior to Covid-19 with no purpose in mind. People thought the philosophy club was weird, so why not live up to that and do something weird?” says Dr. Louis Mancha, chair of the philosophy department and faculty advisor to the philosophy club. 

While it never started with a deeper purpose, members who participate adopt personal meanings to the event. 

President of the philosophy club, senior Logan O’Lasky says “after class or stress, I can just go once a week and just scream it out in a fifteen second window. It usually boosts my mood for the next few hours. It feels good.”

Many of the members attribute the scream as a way to release worries and anger about everyday life.

According to Dr. Mancha, “We are all screaming on the inside. The scream gives us ten seconds to release that pent up energy.”

The philosophy club members are not the only ones who take part in the scream. Students passing by the quad at 3 p.m. on Thursdays are invited to join, as well as faculty members who are available. Most decline the offer, but one or two curious students often join in on the event.



Produced and edited by Ella Cummins.

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