AU’s women’s lacrosse team looks to open 2021-2022 season

The Eagles look to improve from last seasons struggles

Brayden Creveling, Reporter

While the Ashland University Women’s Lacrosse team has yet to have a winning season, the expectations for the 2023 season are higher than some may expect.

Cassady Becker, a senior midfielder, contributed in 2022 by starting all 17 games last season and scored 65 goals with 14 assists. Becker is holding herself along with her team to high standards this season. Becker was also named GMAC Attacker of the Year in 2022.

“I think for one having a winning season is something we all have wanted since covid hit and coaching changes through the years. Another huge one for this year is to win the conference championship,” Becker said. “I feel as if we have been the underdog for a while so to see that happen this year and to accomplish that would be huge for us.”

The team’s coaching changes over the years have been something that caused the chemistry to not be 100% there. This team believes that the 2023 season will be different with this being Lauren Simko’s second year as head coach.

“I think we have a good coach and good structure to help each individual to grow and to get better,” Becker said.

Natalie Sonntag, a senior midfielder, has also contributed in 2022 by starting all 17 games and scoring 45 goals.

Sonntag and Becker both give credit to the incoming freshman class for building chemistry within the team.  

“Our fall season has truly shown how well these freshmen fit into our team dynamic. A lot of them have stepped up to the plate and have added skill to areas on the field that we lost from our seniors graduating last year. I can’t wait to see how all of the hard work we put in during pre-season translates to game time,” Sonntag said.

Becker believes the team chemistry continues to grow day by day.

“ I think that with us have a huge freshmen class it has been huge to build that team chemistry up but I think all of our freshmen and younger players have come in and put in a lot of hard work to do so and to play some of those higher roles that we did not really have in the past years,” Becker said.

The AU Women’s Lacrosse team opens up its season on February 18 at West Virginia Wesleyan in Lebanon, West Virginia.

While February seems to be too cold for outdoor sports, the weather is not a concern to these women once they start playing games.

“When the season starts, the cold weather definitely takes some getting used to, but usually after warm-ups, we’re ready to go. After a few games in the cold, it doesn’t really affect us,” Sonntag said.

“I think weather, especially in the spring, is not very predictable. One day it could be 70 and sunny and the next day it could be 30 and snowing so I definitely think it has somewhat of an effect on our play,” Becker said. “I think for us we always come prepared with cold gear and can adapt to whatever the weather is for that day.”

If you are looking to support the Women’s Lacrosse team, they will play their first home match on Sunday, February 26 at 12.