Ashbrook Center new facility unveiled to the public

Dr. Carlos Campo at ceremony with Dr.Sikkenga and Marv Krinsky.

The Ashbrook Ribbon cutting ceremony occurred in Dwight Schar College of Education this past Saturday. The event was open to the public and showcased the new Ashbrook Center.

The event started at 1 p.m. with speakers and the ribbon cutting ceremony at 1:30 p.m. The ceremony began with the Presenting of Colors.

Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center, Jeff Sikkenga then gave a welcome speech. Board Chairman Marv Krinsky followed Sikkenga with a speech highlighting the history of the Ashbrook program and the people who had brought the program to what it is today. Sikkenga then gave a speech about the Future of the Freedom Business and how the Ashbrook program has grown.

Previously the Ashbrook Center had been on the eighth floor of the library, but moved over the summer to the second floor in the Education building. The reason for this move was the expansion of the program.

As Sikkenga said, “When I got here in January of ‘97, we had I think 27 Ashbrook scholars. We now have almost 150. ”

The ribbon was then cut by the Ashbrook Board and Special Guest Jean Ashbrook, widow of John Ashbrook of whom the program was named after.

The Center was then open for the guests to walk around and see how the Ashbrook Center had expanded.