The future of AU’s most recent Team USA star

Trevor Bassitt returns to the campus of Ashland University


Wesley Seyfang

Trevor Bassitt stands infront of the Eagle faithful in the opening football game of the 2022 season.

Ethan Jenkins, Reporter

On Tuesday, July 19, Olympian and former Ashland University track athlete Trevor Bassitt captured the bronze medal in the men’s 400-meter hurdle event at the 2022 Outdoor World Championships in Eugene, Oregon. He put up a stellar performance, having a personal record of 47.39 seconds in the event for Team USA.

On Thursday night, Bassitt’s placement on the podium was celebrated in front of the Ashland community, prior to the start of the football team’s season-opening game.

He finally had his spotlight moment in front of the supporters of his former university. Coming back to his community, Bassit wanted to motivate others in the community to achieve their dreams.

I think the ceremony was great for other athletes or people that attended the game that could find inspiration from my story,” said Bassitt. “You can be a small-town kid and with hard work and faith you can find yourself right where you want to be.”

Bassitt is proud of himself and what he has accomplished, but that doesn’t mean he can’t add to his already lavish trophy case. He has his eyes on a larger goal than the 3rd place spot on the podium, “By the time my athletic career is done I’m hoping to have inspired millions of people while winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the 400-meter hurdles and also breaking the world record in the event at some point,” he said.

Bassitt didn’t get to the podium without the help of others, but Bassitt is his own best trainer. Eric Evans, Assistant Hurdles Coach at AU said, “He knows the workouts that need to be done with the most intensity and he knows when it is time to back off and be smart. Everything is well thought out and no detail is overlooked in his race prep.”

In one of the toughest events in all of track and field, Bassitt will have to be his own best trainer once again to accomplish his goals of getting a gold medal and having a world record tied to his name.

The 400 hurdles is currently the strongest and deepest that it has ever been on an international level. Making his way further up the podium at future World Championships will be no easy task for Trevor,” said Evans. “But I’m certain he will put himself in the best position possible to have success.”

Athletics has always been the main focus of Trevor’s life, but he wants to begin to branch out into the professional world. He recently launched his own company, Trevor Bassitt LLC.

“I now have an avenue to organize my business while also being able to venture down various business roads such as motivational speaking and training/programming,” Bassitt said.

The World Champion yearns to add more accomplishments to his resume, but his goals in the grand scheme of life won’t be complete unless he impacts others with his business.

Bassitt said, “Inspiring people through hard work and faith while giving back through teaching and speaking is my purpose.”

Bassitt will next have an opportunity to wear another medal around his neck at the 2023 Outdoor World Championships in Budapest, Hungary starting on Aug. 19, 2023. For now, he has his sights set on inspiring and teaching others through his company.