STUNT’S first season a success

Junior Kaylee Reed smiles after successfully completing part of her routine.


Junior Kaylee Reed smiles after successfully completing part of her routine.

Wesley Seyfang

In the first season in program history, the Ashland University Stunt team compiled a seven and three record leading into their final match-up of the 2022 season.

Led by head Coach Denise Farnsworth, the Eagle Stunt team has had three home meets which are the first to ever be held at Ashland and they have won all three meets.

It has not been an easy road for the team to finally get the green light and be an official Ashland University sport, but Coach Farnsworth and her team are certainly proud of the accomplishments they have made and the history they have taken part in.

“That first home game was obviously very special to all of us on this team. There was just so much meaning behind it for those of us who have been fighting for this sport for the last four years.” Said coach Farnsworth.

Coach Farnsworth and her athletes have all noted that Stunt is a sport for anyone interested in a sport based in sideline cheer that is taken into a competitive level with routines that receive scores based on execution.

“I love the thrill of being able to go out and play a game against another team versus being on the sidelines at another sporting team’s game. It is incredible to know that the spectators are there to watch our game.” Said Junior Kaylee Reed.

Once a routine for the Eagle Stunt team has completed they all in unison shout, EAGS, and the spectators join with them in a moment of excitement for all involved. The routines are quick and involve coordination between a few to many of the athletes in order to properly and safely perform some of the actions and poses. The better the routines execution than the opposing team, the more points that are awarded at the end of each round.

Each position has its own set of skills and responsibilities that make every position on the floor equal in value to the teams score.

“I am a flyer and a tumbler. As a flyer, most people have the stereotype of “oh you’re the girl that gets thrown into the air!” However, it is more than that. It is being able to control your body in the air so you can be caught easily, by the three girls under you. It’s about knowing where you are as you flip your body over 10 feet above the ground. It’s also about you putting your trust into the girls under you, knowing that they won’t let you hit the floor no matter what. And it’s about pushing yourself to stay tight and keep a smile on your face when something isn’t going exactly right underneath you.” Said Sophomore Lily Boldman.

“As a tumbler, you’re known for doing “backflips” But there are proper terms for each backflip. Tumblers have to know the right technique and mental strength to flip their bodies over. Sometimes, we even have to have spatial awareness so we don’t kick other tumblers or so we don’t get lost in the air as well.” Boldman said.

Many of the athletes have several positions in order to fill in wherever needed in case of injury or need.

“My positions are Flyer, Base, and Tumbler. I enjoy doing these positions because I am able to provide and step in to fill whatever spot is needed for a routine. Having experience as both a base and a flyer also allows me to have an understanding of each position to help other teammates out if they need it. I like to be able to provide for my team in whatever way I am needed.” said Kaylee Reed.

The Eagle stunt team has shown it is here to stay and the athletes have shown the culture they have created in their first year will only continue to inspire success in years to come.