Ashland University facilities to be renovated

Residence halls will see updates for the fall semester

Anna Bielawski, Reporter

Ashland University facilities and residence halls are getting a facelift.

Beginning this semester, freshman housing will be one of the first areas on campus to see some of these changes:

“In Kem, they’re doing new paint and flooring,” Abby Righter, AU Housing Coordinator, said, “I think there will be some upgrades in furniture in both Kem and Amstutz halls–I don’t know yet where the furniture is going, just that there’s a potential for some new furniture coming in in the lobby areas.”

The AU administration is hopeful that these upgrades will make campus life more appealing to new students.

Incoming freshmen will not be the only class to see housing upgrades, either. Clark, Clayton and Andrews halls will also have work done over the summer.

“Clark [will be] getting new paint and flooring as well. Some of that work has already started this year on the fourth and fifth floors… And I think the elevator is also getting an upgrade in there,” Righter continued.

Clark Hall is an all-female residence hall on campus. Hosting all four of the sororities on campus, this hall has not seen paint or flooring updates in several years.

Following in the footsteps of the Honors Program housing, the rest of Clayton Hall will be getting renovated as a continuation of last summer’s changes.

“Clayton, obviously, is the biggest work being done this summer. Clayton will be getting laundry added onto every other floor, AC added throughout the building, full new flooring and paint… and then the rest of the floors will be renovated to match the second floor. Every single room on each floor will be a double-sized room with a private bathroom,” Righter said.

She went on to explain that the second floor housing will remain Honors housing and that the other floors will become open for the housing lottery.

“We’re hearing a lot…the students want more private spaces and the ability to have private bathrooms is great from an accommodation standpoint but also just for students who want something other than a community-style bathroom. There will also be advantages for those who have medical conditions,” Righter said.

In addition to the residential hall upgrades, the Archer Library will undergo construction in the near future.

Ann Torkelson, executive officer of finance and facilities in Ashland University’s Student Senate commented on this project, explaining, “The first floor and basement of the library are getting a facelift, and beautification including paint and moving of facilities and offices.”

There are also plans for the addition of a cafe within the library.

Torkelson is excited for the residential upgrades as well and is hopeful that the projects will, “draw in more people, as people want to be on a campus where they feel safe and have a calming environment to work in.”

A student herself, Torkelson recognizes the crucial role residential life plays in the college experience.

“The biggest issue we have is, students spend the most time in dorms and they aren’t the best or our best quality,” Torkelson said. “These improvements are finally starting to help students enjoy where they live.