Eagles self implode in 20-17 loss

Wesley Seyfang

The Eagles were red hot right out of the gates in their 20-17 loss to the Findlay Oilers. Having to
start their third string quarterback due to their second string quarterback Trent Maddox, being
out with illness. Cameron Blair, was tasked with the job of starting his first game late in the
season and to everyone's surprise, he stepped up to the plate.
Blair went 14 of 26 for 220 passing yards and one touchdown. He played a clean game and was
able to stretch the field with the passing game multiple times in the first half.
The defense was stunning, holding the Oilers to 3 points in the first half. The Eagle offense was
able to put 10 points on the board with a field goal from Storm Elssesser, and a two yard
touchdown run from Larry Martin.
The third quarter started out very promising with the Eagles getting another touchdown putting
them up 17-3. The Oilers would not go down so easily as they began to build up momentum
with the running game heating up. The Oilers got another touchdown making the score going
into the fourth quarter 17-10.
The fourth quarter was nothing but downhill for the Eagles as the play calling began to get
conservative and for the third time this season, it backfired heavily.
The run game had been fine when complimented by the pass all game long but as the plays
began to switch more to trying to run out the clock instead of sticking to what was working time
and time again the Eagles tried to run the ball which led to the Oilers getting quick stops and
keep building on their growing momentum.
The defense was hard hitting and unforgiving and continued to give the offense chances but
were met with the same eye gouging play calling and poor clock management. When the
defense knew they were going to run, they ran, and only in the most obvious of situations would
they attempt to pass the ball, which was smothered by the Oilers.

A missed kick and a lackluster quarter of play calling cost the Eagles big time and the Oilers
were able to push past them, sealing the game 20-17 in the last seconds with a field goal.
Ashland falls to 4-5 and 3-3 in the conference with no hopes of a title push. Cameron Blair
stepped up and showed that he can be what the Eagles need for the passing game, but the
coaching once again proved they cannot.