Ashland University football team falls short to Tiffin

Wesley Seyfang

Ashland fails to best Tiffin in nail biting 27-21 loss

The Eagles embarked on their first game without star player Austin Brenner and were led by back up quarterback Trent Maddox.

Tiffin began the game with the ball and made quick work with the Eagles defense putting seven points on the board in the first few minutes.

Wanting to get Maddox into the groove of starting, the Eagle play calling started the game being overly conservative and hurting the Eagles more than helping. Maddox was picked off on the second drive of the game which then led to Tiffin points.

Tiffin and Ashland went back and forth for all four quarters keeping the game close coming into the fourth quarter. Several times it looked as if the Eagles were down, but were saved multiple times by the defense.

Linebacker Michael Ayers came up with a strip sack in a crucial drive in the fourth quarter but was not matched with points by the offense.

In the last five minutes of the game the defense held Tiffin to a field goal attempt in which they missed giving the Eagles a chance of taking the game with less than two minutes on the clock.

The offense faltered and was unable to move down the field when they needed to the most and lost the game 27-21.

The Eagles are 2-4 and are set to play Lake Erie at Jack Miller stadium on October 23, 2021.