New Esports Facility

Wesley Seyfang

The Ashland Esports team is currently in the process of establishing their own facility separate from the current area dedicated to them in the Archer Library at Ashland University. 

Alec Mueller, the new head coach of the team, wishes to host competitions against other teams at home, and believes that getting a new facility is a step in the right direction to accomplish that goal.

“Having our own building away from campus will be good for the players, especially in terms of parking,” said Mueller. “It will be much more accessible for the students and especially for our competition if we are able to host events.”

Not only would the facility be giving the players a new place to park, its 24-hour access would also be helping them have a more open practice schedule due to the limited hours of the library and the busy schedules of the students.

“In a game that is so sound reliant our performance is really limited by the time constraints that makes us all be stuck in one room with multiple teams practicing and competing at the same time,” senior Seth Ho said. “Having 24-hour access would relieve so much stress because the teams could schedule different times to be in the building.”

Ashland was the first college in the U.S. to offer scholarships for competitive gaming and continues to honor its esports program by building a new facility for them to succeed.

An Esports athlete uses the current practice room in the Archer Library’s basement. (AU ATHLETICS)

“It’s for sure the next step in showing that we are one of the more premiere teams coming out of Ashland, to have our own facility. I am beyond excited for it.” Ho said.