The Archers make trip to St. Joseph, Missouri, for AU women’s basketball

Ashland community ‘legends’ Robert, his daughter and his son-in-law follow the Eagles to Final Four


Brynn Meisse

The Archers stand side-by-side as they pose for a picture supporting the Eagles.

Brynn Meisse, Features Editor

The Archers are one of the staples in the Ashland community as they provide support to different businesses and the University itself. Not only do they help with physical donations and gifts, but they also provide their presence at important community events.

Robert and Janet Archer have watched the Eagles women’s basketball play in the tournament in Columbus, Ohio, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and this year they will continue to provide their presence.

Bob, his daughter Pam, and son-in-law Mark will make the 11-hour drive to Missouri to cheer on the Eagles, while Jan cheers from home.

Bob’s favorite memory is when the women’s team played in Columbus because “Ashland fans filled the gym.”

A constant during the 2022-2023 season has been the fans who have shown out for their Eagles.

“One of my favorite memories came from visiting Sioux Falls where we toured the Historic District with the city blocks lined with sculptures!  Part of the fun is seeing different gyms, campuses, and cities,” Jan said.

This year, the Eagles have traveled well, and are projected to have over 250 supporters in the stands for the tournament in Missouri.

“It’s great for the team to have lots of purple and gold in the stands and to hear the roar of the hometown crowd.  I’m sure it boosts the team, and it may be a psychological edge!” Jan said.