Ashland University increases balance on meal swipes

Meal plan swipes increase fall semester and what to expect when ordering your next meal


Ella Cummins

The rising cost of swipes on campus force students to think smart about purchases

Ashland University increases the price of a meal swipe from $7 to $7.35. Just two years ago the price of a meal swipe was $6.75.

When asked for comment on why the meal swipe prices have increased General Manager of Dining Operations, Frederick Geib said, “Since the time I have worked at AU the meal plans have had increases every year which also impacts door prices. Price increases are nothing new.”

Geib also stated that the most common cause of this is inflation.

Many students find this difficult as many items in the various dining service locations on campus such as The Eagle’s Nest have increased to the point where certain items no longer fit in a single swipe.

The chicken wings, for instance, used to fill an entire swipe for a basket of six wings, however with the increased swipe prices, a basket of six wings is $8.35. This forces the student to use two swipes with a partial remainder that either goes to waste or could be used on side items that also have increased prices.

On average, this creates a net loss of about $0.10 for the student.

Sophomore Kay Michaels transitioned from the unlimited Purple Plan required for first-year students to the Eagle Plan. The Eagle Plan provides a limited amount of swipes per semester, available to upperclassmen.

“Having more options is great, but losing around $0.10 per swipe is frustrating. Especially at Tuffy’s which forces you to lose even more,” Michaels said.

Overall the increase in prices for the meal swipes has left students frustrated and confused as to how they will fill an entire swipe without wasting any extra money that is allotted to them.