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Microtransactions have given game companies a new way to profit

by Glenn Battishill August 22, 2012

Sometime a few years ago someone got the brilliant idea that instead of making people play a flat price to play a game on Facebook or on your phone it would be better to make it “free” or $.99 and...

Simplicity is bliss

By Glenn Battishill April 19, 2012

There’s lots of rumbling and grumbling going on in the gaming world and oddly enough the complaining isn’t from the smaller companies barely scraping by, it’s from the giant corporations. EA and...

‘Silent Hill: HD’ is classic horror with classic problems

By Glenn Battishill March 29, 2012

If someone were to look up a list of the scariest games ever it would be a cold day in Hell if “Silent Hill 2” didn’t make the top three. “Silent Hill 3” often makes the same lists but is considered...

‘Silent Hill: Downpour’ is a step in the right direction for the series

By Glenn Battishill March 23, 2012

Silent Hill is easily considered one of the best survival-horror franchises ever. At it’s best, “Silent Hill 2,” the series piled on the atmosphere, creepiness and symbolism to create a perfect hell...

‘Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’ cuts down story but improves gameplay

By Glenn Battishill March 23, 2012

“Alan Wake” was a psychological-action game that came out in 2010 after being in development for five years and was a well told story wrapped in a few annoying game mechanics. It’s Xbox Live Arcade...

‘Mass Effect 3’ packs serious action and serious emotion

By Glenn Battishill March 23, 2012

Since “Mass Effect” debuted on the Xbox 360 in 2007 it has been hailed as one of the greatest stories ever told in a video game series. Players were put in control of Commander Shepard, a human soldier...

‘Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’ is wonderfully original

By Glenn Battishill February 16, 2012

Dark fantasy is a hard genre of gaming to break into because new series will always be compared to "World of Warcraft," "Lord of the Rings," "Dragon Age" or "The Elder Scrolls." The game is noteworthy...

Resident Evil 4 HD has many things, but HD isn’t one of them

By Glenn Battishill September 29, 2011

Re-releasing the "classics" of last console generation is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. The most recent game to receive this treatment is "Resident Evil 4," one of the best Gamecube games...

“Dead Island” is a let down: A video game that fails to live up to its trailer

By Glenn Battishill September 22, 2011

At the beginning of this year an amazing trailer came out for a new game called "Dead Island." And it was arguably one of the most creative, inventive and controversial game trailers ever. It played forward...

“Deus Ex: Human Revolution” is divine

By Glenn Battishill September 15, 2011

After a lackluster start to 2011's gaming year, "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" comes like the hand of God to give gamers the action-stealth-rpg they've been waiting for. From Eidos Montreal studios comes...

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