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Pandemic rejuvenation of the IMA Accounting Club

Mark Biltz, Columnist March 20, 2023

The Institute of Managerial Accounting Club (IMA) is an organization where accounting and finance students come together to benefit academically and professionally. They pull employers to campus for recruitment...

Poetry Write In: A Lust for Life

R.W Keating, Poetry Columnist March 12, 2023

Oh! how I wish for eternity. To live a life with complete surety That even you, would not leave Like so many others believe. That even in death, our vows Wouldn't have time to cloud The bond we shared...

Letter from the Editor- Taking care of your mental health

Brynn Meisse, Features Editor March 1, 2023

As midterms start to approach and the weather becomes a mix of spring and winter, I find myself struggling with my mental health. It’s challenging to find the motivation to complete my work and even...

Student Senate meets every Tuesday on the second floor of the student center at 9:30 p.m.

Students express concerns with recent cuts

Sean Repuyan, Managing Editor of The Collegian March 1, 2023

Students on and off campus voiced their concerns with the recent bud- get cuts, leading to the letting go of about 20 staff members. Many have noticed the effect a budget can have on the student body...

Poetry Write-In: Uncertainty

R.W. Keating, Poetry Columnist February 17, 2023

Everybody has uncertainty And for us it’s clear to see We love so open, so knowingly But still linger the thoughts of uncertainty We’re each too doubtful to make a move But we’re each to faithful...

Poetry Write-In: Preserve

Prabesh Singh Sunar, Poetry Columnist February 17, 2023

All night long, I remember, how excitedly and truthfully, the heart of yours would stream the moist words into the parched heart of mine. I remember, how carefully you would water my vessel, and I wonder...

Poetry Write-In: Scarlet Sun

R.W. Keating, Poetry Columnist February 15, 2023

The scarlet sun shines it's hellish beams through the clouds It's devilish glow pierces the sky's blanket shrouds The people of the earth stare in awe At the shining light, with seemingly no flaw Yet...

Pomfret and Shafer pose for a photo to commemorate her time here at Ashland University.

The importance of living your truth

Bryce Shafer, Design Editor February 15, 2023

It is no doubt that we live in a very divisive world at the moment. Tensions are high on all fronts; sometimes it can feel like “being you” is not an option. To some, it may even feel like you need...



R.W. Keating, Poetry Columnist February 13, 2023

Be Intentionally Uncomfortable

Katelyn Meeks, News Editor February 10, 2023

This past weekend, I attended a conference where I got to listen to an incredible speaker, and his name was James Lawrence, aka the “Iron Cowboy.” I am not always the biggest fan of motivational speakers,...

Poetry Write-In: History

R.W Keating, Poetry Columnist February 10, 2023

Is it deaths door that feels so peaceful Or is it the want of a great upheaval I need movement and change in my life Not something small or swift like a knife I sit alone with my dreams in hand Hoping...

For all crimes or incidents on campus, contact safety services in the case of emergencies.

What does a deficit mean for student experience?

Sean Repuyan, Managing Editor of The Collegian January 20, 2023

The recent news of the budget deficit for the 2022-2023 academic year has rocked the campus of Ashland University. After AU President Dr. Carlos Campo revealed the true deficit, those faculty and staff...

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