Day of Giving returns to Ashland University

Bryce Shafer, Design Editor

Started in 2016 as a general fundraiser with less than 100 total donnor, the Ashland University Day of Giving has become the major fundraising event for the majority of student organizations, programs, and sports teams across campus. Allison Gourniak, Director of Annual Giving describes the Day of Giving as “A university-wide exciting event” and “A day to give back because we love where we work, where we go to school, the teachers we have, and the place we live”.

Many student athletes participate in the calling hours during the 24 hours for Day of Giving where they take hour-long shifts calling former players, alumni, as well as friends and parents in hopes that they donate. Athletes have expressed how much Day of Giving helps forward their teams and organizations as well as covering expenses.

Kaitlyn Kittle, a Sophomore women’s lacrosse player had this to say about Day of Giving:
“The money we raised on the Day of Giving helps defer the cost of equipment, uniforms and travel expenses. This allows student athletes to have a better overall experience. I am very grateful for Ashland University and all the opportunities it has given me. This includes all the generous donors that have helped defer the cost of my tuition, along with giving me the opportunity to enjoy the use of better facilities. Go Eagles!”

Student organizations also rely on the generosity of donors during Day of Giving. Organizations such as Eagles for Pride, AU-Gives, and many others plan their entire year of activities around the donations they receive from the Day of Giving.

Rhiannon Reed, Eagles for Pride VP of Membership, stated “Efp has given me a community I could have never even fathomed finding on my own. I get to help people and make friends all at once. Day of giving has shown me how much people care about us being here, and that they too want us to use our voices for good. And I know that’s what I do every day”

While Eagles for Pride President, Hannah Myers, went on the record saying in an Instagram post regarding Day of Giving “Eagles For Pride has always been a home to me at Ashland University. From my very first meeting, I felt welcome and that I could be my true self. I want to make sure that everyone on this campus has that same opportunity”

Allison Gourniak expressed “To the students this day matters to you…Everything we are doing we’re doing for you”!e Day of G